Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A little warmth in fall?

The move was a succes, and field season is nearly over! Weoooo!
Fall has once again rolled in, and with the colder days drinks to warm up, have begun to spring to mind again.

I will be supplementing my scotch "collection" with a second bottle when I get home. I have purchased an Islay single malt in Bowmore. I think my next will likely be The Balvenie Double Wood, or Talisker.


 Guess we'll see what catches my eye when I'm out!

I've been touring The Scotch Noob website a lot this summer, really a great source of info for people looking to try out some different Scotch without diving in blind.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Moving time!

Well, I should now be over halfway through my summer field season. It has been a hot one, with lots of rocks and lots of blackflies.

The wife and I will be moving on my next break out, and this has made me think of new bar tools that i'd love to have in our new place! New tumblers, wine glasses, maybe martini glasses, a muddler. Etc...

I'd looked at the possibility of buying myself some whiskey stones:

For both the nerdy goodness, and the prospect of non-watery cool whiskey. I am, however, worried at the possibility of having the stones scuff up my glasses. Jury is out on this one.

Anywho, I shall post again after the move.

                                                                   wild blueberries!

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Happy Canada Day internets!

I thought a nice little update might be to run through some of Canada's more famous cocktails (as it is a bit of a slow day for geologizing up here).

The Caesar

A purely Canadian cocktail which contains vodka, clamato and seasonings of your choice (generally worcestershire and tobasco). Delicious on a hot day, and great for hangovers ;)

Actually....that's almost the only truly Canadian drink I can think of at the moment. There is of course the traditional Rye and Coke, but that can be found anywhere. Good ol' Canadian whiskey.

Hmm....I guess there's always all that Canadian beer too!

Anywho, everybody have a happy and safe Canada Day weekend. Back to work with me!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shaken or Stirred

Well another week has gone by, and another craving for a drink has come to the front. This time it was the good ol' martini.
Extra dirty please. Gotta love some olive juice, mmmm.

Just another two weeks left in my rotation up here. Hardly anything at all!

I've been mulling over the possibility of getting some proper stemware when i'm out, but it seems a little silly to get it now, just a couple of months before we move. I may just have to drink my martini out of a tumbler. I'm quite sure it'll taste fine anyway.

Hopefully soon these posts will have a bit more substance to them. Hard to do anything but muse while i'm in a dry camp.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Shame Shame

Well, I am a wee bit ashamed. I really haven't kept this up at all. Hrm. Maybe I should make it more of a resolution to try to update.

Anywho, it is field season once again. I am up at a different camp, no longer on the mine site. Isolation gives me plenty of time to think/daydream about drinks that I wish I could be having, and that is the truth.

Before I came up to the field the last time, I tried a new scotch. This scotch was much different than the ones I had tried before, a better smoke/peat taste. Needless to say, I enjoyed it immensely. Of course, now that I can't have any, I am craving it.

It was this:
Bowmore 12 yr. A scotch from the Islay region.

This has me wondering if i'd enjoy some of the other more smokey brews as well. I will have to experiment when i'm out!

The other problem is that I have a countertop full of booze, and the Mrs. and I will be moving in September. This should motivate me to try some new cocktails to use up some of the excess before we get possession of our house.

That's all for now!