Friday, October 1, 2010

Gotta pay the bills!

And so I am back in the field again.   After a (very) brief week back at home, I am back up to the lovely land of blackflies and rocks.  This is sounding like it will be the last hurrah for summer field season, so I am making the most of it (read: I get paid more in the bush).

While I was home, I of course tried out a couple of cocktails that I hadn't tried before.  I photodocumented and everything!  Buuuuuuuuuuut.....I didn't upload the pictures. 

For purposes of your imagination, the two new cocktails were:
Singapore Sling

I was very disappointed with Ms. Nevermore's Singapore Sling, but reading the International Bartender Association's recipe I think I see why.  I guess i'll have to try it again!

So yes, these makings will be posted up when I get home again, which will probably be after Canadian Thanksgiving (October 11th). 


Sunday, September 12, 2010

1 UP!

While rocks currently seem to be taking up most of my time, video games and all things nerdy have always been source of entertainment.  With the Halo: Reach game being launched while I am still up at camp, I was looking for some video game themed cocktails to try once I got home, and had the chance to play the new game.

What I came across was this great, with tons of video game inspired drinks and drinking games:

The Drunken Moogle

 Including things like The Metroid:

Or how about a Blankatini for all you Streetfighter fans:

Go give this site a browse, if you are anything like me and enjoy both cocktails and video games!
Only 5 more days until I am out for my break!  Weooo!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010


While sitting up here in our camp, I've been doing a little pondering.  Just why is it that geologists seem to drink so much?  It never seems to fail, any sort of social event involving geologists somehow seems to end up with drinks.  Cards?  Drinks.  Curling?  Drinks.  Bowling?  Drinks.  Drinks? Drinks.

So I did what a good scientists does, and went to do a little research.  The lazy girl geologist type of research, which really just involves google.  I didn't expect to find anything, but lo and behold I find this over on

Why Geologists Love Beer

That's right, bar staff aren't allowed to take a holiday during this one specific week per year because, "The Geologists are coming".  Hah!


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rock on!

"There is a considerable, and still growing body of scientific literature that suggests that geologists are in fact the world's first alcohol-based life form. Owing to a crucial imbalance in blood electrolyte levels (possibly caused by overexposure to bad rock puns) most find it necessary to imbibe vast quantities of alcoholic beverages at every opportunity."
- Uncyclopedia entry on geologists

I, as a geologist have decided to live up to the stereotype of a drinking scientist and take a journey through cocktail mixing.

Unfortunately, as it is still summer geology season (yes, we have seasons) I am far removed from my cocktail shaker, and alcohol cupboard.  For the next while, I will just have to muse upon recipes to try when I get home, and new products to try!

Cheers for now!